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⦿ CGI Production ⦿Roto paint ⦿ Retouching and Texturing

⦿ 3D Design & Animation ⦿ VFX ⦿Tracking ⦿Previz ⦿ VFX Supervision



Ape Productions is a small boutique production company based in Shoreditch for the last 15 years. We have over 20 years of Digital Creative, CGI Animation, CGI Modelling and Production Experience in TV & Film Advertising, Games, and online. Managed by Ashley Hampton, a CGI artist Animator and Producer with over 20 years production experience.



We have produced shots assets for programmes like Strike Back on Sky HD, Dynamo, Black Mirror and Wallander. Creating anything from flying planes, moving cars, explosions, virtual sets, backdrops, people, birds.  Often the briefs are big and budgets small, so we are used to drawing on our broad experience to deliver.  in 2017 we worked on Hard Sun six part TV show for the BBC,  King Charles 3rd  and upcoming BBC Netflix drama Forgiven Earth.  




 We have experience in both CGI Animation and compositing Ashley having freelanced at Burrows CGI Studio on Ford Animations, Ford 360 Re-renders and rebuilds, Ford info films using 3D and 2D skills, Grading cleaning, tracking and composting at Tangerine films, on Jaguar xjs ultimate product release video. Compositing and motion graphics Honda pilot films for Honda.  Versioning and editing Ford web adverts and various  stills retouching projects. Stereo production and direction for Lexus Europe, Lexus RX film. Recently we have been working on a Dove social media campaign. 



 CAD conversion direct  form clients like Nokia, Navman and Mio to product renders for marketing and advertising  2D interface animation. Product beauty spins and print renders.  CGI Renders for product brochures, packaging renders. Online renders for Burberry,  product display design and renders for various brands. Nokia phone edits and motion graphics.




Interior design and exterior CGI renders  for the Diner group, Dtwo Design and Branding by Garden, Vray 360 VR renders for gear VR. We have set up assets and built render packs for cafes, petrol stations, bars, restaurants, we are happy to build and design furniture, tables, chairs, sofas and banquet seating. We can light and render interior scenes, model most things to high standard both solid and organic and can manage and handle large data sets.

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